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Most people have heard the term but wonder 'what the heck is that?'.  'Does it have something to do with bones?'.

Osteopathy is a manual technique of assessment and treatment that was developed by a physician and surgeon Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in the mid-1800s.  It's is a form of natural medicine that treats your body as a whole functioning unit. It respects the relationship of body, mind and spirit in health and disease while laying emphasis on the body's intrinsic tendency for self-healing.  Osteopathy assesses and treats movement restrictions in your body that can contribute to dysfunction and imbalances. It is unique because it focuses on the root causes of pain and dysfunction rather than simply looking at only the symptoms.




Encourages the body to heal itself

Addresses the root cause of pain or illness, and relieves chronic pain using a non-invasive approach

Restores effective fluid circulation and flow (Blood, Lymph, Cerebral Spinal Fluid) 

Relieves tension headaches and migraine headaches

Helps with head trauma and concussion

Increases range of motion in the joints throughout the body

Reduces pain, stiffness and tension throughout the body

Gently treats spinal problems resulting from poor posture or spinal disc issues

Releases Fascial restrictions and adhesions 


What happens when you see Stewart for Osteopathic Manual Therapy?

Your medical history is examined and discussed at your initial session. Then, a quick physical assessment may be performed.  It's usually best to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to an appointment. As a client you will be lying on your back. In most cases Stewart will start the treatment at your feet then slowly assess and treat as he moves towards your head looking for imbalances, lesions, injury or restrictions while working on specific structures and tissues throughout the body.

What are some techniques used in an Manual Osteopathy treatment?

Osteopathic Manual Therapists will tailor their approach to each patient’s needs and lifestyle. Here are a few examples of some of the treatment techniques that can be used during a session:

Cranial Osteopathy / Craniosacral Therapy including Unwinding* 

Visceral Manipulation*

Manual Lymphatic Drainage / Integrated Lymph Drainage*

Myofascial Release*

Osteoarticular Joint Mobilizations 

Muscle Energy Technique / PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

Strain Counterstrain / Positional Release Therapy*

Trigger Point Therapy*

*(The techniques that Stewart is certified in are within the scope of practice for Registered Massage Therapy but also can be used in Manual Osteopathy)


After a treatment (what to do and expect)

-Be sure to drink plenty of water over the next 24 hours (approx. 2L or 8 x 8oz glasses.). 
-You want to flush out and rehydrate areas that were once restricted. 
-Be easy on yourself for 24 hours. This means no physical, strenuous activity. 
-Your body needs time to adjust to the new structural positioning.
-You may experience new symptoms, that are possibly old symptoms arising as the next layers are revealed. 
-These new symptoms are not to be alarmed at, take notice of them, and realize that the treatment is having an effect.
-You may also experience fatigue and/or flu-like symptoms ie. nausea, again these are symptoms associated with the body realigning 
-The affects of the treatment can be felt immediately and up to a couple of days after the treatment.
-Be aware of these changes for the next treatment (possibly jotting them down in a notepad or in your calendar) as Stewart might be asking you about them. 


Do you have extended health insurance benefits for Osteopathy?

Stewart is member of the National Manual Osteopathic Society (NMOS) and also 
Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association (OOAMA).

The following Insurance companies recognize the (NMOS):
Great West Life (Canada Life), Sunlife, Empire Life, Green Shield, Manulife (OTIP), Desjardins, ClaimSecure

The following Insurance companies recognize the (OOAMA):
Chamber of Commerce, Desjardins, Blue Cross, Benefit, Maximum  Benefit, Green Shield 

**It is not possible to Direct Bill for Osteopathy because it is not a Regulated Health Profession in Ontario.

**It is always recommended to check with your Extended Benefits Provider to confirm your specific plan and options before your initial Treatment.( Possible Doctors Script/Note )

**It is important to note that the above listed technique modalities Stewart uses in an Osteopathic Manual Treatment are all individually under the Scope of Practise for Registered Massage Therapy according to the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. The treatment approach can be modified so that the receipt could be written for Massage Therapy. Please tell Stewart BEFORE the treatment starts if this is the option you prefer.