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Direct Billing for Massage Therapy:


For those clients who have extended health benefits coverage through Great West Life, Greenshield, Standard Life, Blue Cross, Industrial Alliance, and Sunlife, and (if it works) Manulife, we provide the hassle-free service of direct billing!  You just need to tell us your policy information, who the primary policy holder is, their date of birth before your first scheduled appointment and we do the rest. No out-of-pocket expense for you to get your massage treatment :)

You can choose to download our direct billing forms (see Forms to Download heading on our home page) and fill them out and bring them in or come in 10mins early for your first appointment and fill them in then.   


Please call or email the clinic for more information before booking your first visit: 905-967-0467,

Please note we do not direct bill for Standard Life - due to their confidentiality policy we are unable to.  We are not able to bill directly and have the payment provided to us and we are not able to call them to find out anything about your policy information.  We are therefore at this time not able to perform direct billing until they change this policy. Standard Life is the only insurance company who practices this - it's important to take it up with your employer regarding how your benefits plan is set up so that you can get that policy changed.

You are welcome to come in for a massage, pay with visa/mastercard or debit and submit your own receipts but we cannot direct bill on your behalf - we wish we could!


We are also going to be direct billing for you with other insurance companies as they make the technology available.  Stay tuned!