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Lisa's - Success Story:

Lisa came in with severe back spasm and after her very first treatment experienced immediate results. 


Blood Pressure - Success Story:

An excerpt from a client's email:

'Can you mention to Stewart that I referred a new client to him for Osteopathy.  Also tell him that my blood pressure has improved since my Osteopathy treatments...It's improved about 5 points top and bottom. Awesome eh!  Thx'

Sleeping Through the Night - Success Story:

*This client originally presented with a shoulder issue, but with Manual Osteopathy we treat the body as a whole.*

An excerpt from a client's email:

'I wasn't sure what to expect from Osteopathy.  Attended my first visit with an open mind.  Was totally relaxed throughout the entire treatment and it left me feeling like I wanted more. Interesting.
A couple of weeks later on the morning of my second appointment, I told my husband that  I had noticed that I no longer had to get up through the night to use the washroom, a sometimes twice nightly normal nighttime routine for me. Interesting.

When Stewart asked if I had noticed any changes since my last appointment, I wasn't sure what he meant.  I asked him what a possible change might be and he said, 'Well perhaps not having to get up at night to use the washroom!!!!' INTERESTING.
Four months later the results are the same. I am so happy that I went to see Stewart.'


Low Back / Sciatic Pain - Success Story:

An excerpt from a client's email:

'I had suffered with right-sided hip and buttock pain for about 3 years. A CT scan showed severe arthritis in the facet joint in my spine, which was causing this. I tried a chiropractor, acupuncturist and physiotherapist with varying degrees of improvement but nothing took the pain away. It was a constant “pain in the butt” and it would even wake me at night.
Just over a year ago I went to Stewart Carter for an Osteopathy treatment. After only 3 painless treatments the pain completely went away. I have had a couple of maintenance visits since but feel fantastic.'  Louise. B.


Once a Month Tune Up - Success Story:

An excerpt from a client's email:

'I have been going to Stewart for quite awhile and the main reason being, he keeps me healthy and balanced.  When receiving treatment from Stewart there is such a calm in his services provided.  I may have digestive issues going on, or find that I have been so busy which means my shoulders and whole body system are very uptight.  Stewart always finds the exact area which requires treatment and works on that area.  He usually senses this as soon as he walks in the room.  I am definitely the type of personality that has a very hard time just relaxing.  When I finish my treatment not only do I feel relief in the area requiring treatment, but I am very relaxed.  I couldn't imagine not receiving my treatments, and it is the type of thing that once you experience it, you will find it amazing.  Words cannot give the treatment results justice.'  Joanne. T. 

Concussion - Success Story:

An excerpt from a client's email:


'A year ago I hadn’t heard of Osteopathy- I had no idea what it was or how it worked- lol-actually I still can’t describe exactly how it works….but what I do know is that it DOES work!!

Nine months ago, I suffered a major head injury and concussion due to a sports injury.  I was plagued with constant headaches, nausea, vertigo and major fatigue.  My symptoms were so severe I was not able to work, drive, use my computer or cell phone.   

After several weeks with no noticeable improvements in my symptoms, I become quite concerned that I was not going to make a full recovery and return to the lifestyle that I was use to. I just wanted to have my old self back. That’s when I sought the help from Stewart Carter at Newmarket Massage Therapy. I have been a client there for many years and have had several different treatment approaches- including craniosacral therapy and myofascial release.

Due to the nature of my injuries and my concern of further regression, Stewart spoke to me about the non-intrusive techniques of Osteopathy and its holistic focus of helping my body self-heal. He walked me through the process and I completely put my trust in him.  I had 2 sessions of Osteopathy- after the 1st session, I felt “different” –I have difficulty expressing exactly what was different except to say that I felt more calm, relaxed and focused.  Following my second session, there was a remarkable improvement noted in the duration, frequency and intensity of all my symptoms. The improvements continued into the following weeks and I am happy to say that I am back to my old self and have been completely symptom free for the past 5 months. 

I strongly encourage others to contact Newmarket Massage Therapy Clinic to discuss if Osteopathy can be of benefit to you—they have professional, skilled staff who are able to provide a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to match the individual needs of all their clients.'   Donna. M.



An excerpt from a Oral Surgeons letter:


' Mrs. D. returned to see me on July 15, 2016 for temporomandibular joint re-evaluation. Since I last saw her in March, Mrs.D. has been attending craniosacral / cranio-osteopathy with Stewart Carter...
Upon returning, Mrs.D. reports that she is doing very well and her temporomandibular joint pain/dysfunction is now quiescent.
On examination, Mrs.D. mandibular range of motion / TMJ function was within normal limits and she had no pain on palpation of the bilateral TMJ's or muscles of mastication.
... At this point in time, there's no indication for any surgical intervention with respect to Mrs.D. TMJ Dysfunction and was advised to continue seeing Stewart Carter for craniosacral / cranio-osteopathy.'   



An excerpt from a client's email:

'I was in a major accident 30 years ago; I suffered two broken legs and severe compound fracture of right ankle .  Three years ago , arthritis set into my ankle.  So painful at times , it would completely seize up.  I could not walk or even use the gas pedal driving my car .  I was all set for orthopaedic surgery when my Therapist introduced me to Low Intensity Laser Therapy .
After 12 sessions of laser with Stewart I was overwhelmed with the positive results .  I can walk with essentially no pain or seizures .  I have gained additional ankle stability, strength, and range of motion that I have not experienced in 10 years.
The 30 min treatments are totally painless.  I have since cancelled the surgery.
I highly recommend this treatment through Newmarket Massage.'
Tom D.

** These are the clients' own personal experiences. Treatment outcomes may vary.**